10 Most Popular Magazines In The U.S

The number of individuals that read magazines in the U.S is exceedingly high. This article throws light on the 10 most popular magazines in the U.S.

American households love to spend their time reading magazines. A majority of Americans love read through a magazine during their spare time. It's least surprising why the number of magazine publication houses is growing each year. What magazines do Americans love to read? The next few lines will reveal what you are eager to know

10 most popular magazines in the U.S

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The magazines that are preferred by readers in the U.S may come as a surprise to many.

1. Better Homes and Gardens

Recent surveys reveal that 'Better Homes and Gardens' is the most read magazine in the U.S. This magazine showcases various aspects of home improvement, gardening, decoration, cooking, crafts, healthy living, lifestyle and entertainment. This monthly publication by Meredith Corporation is the most popular magazine in the U.S. Majority of the readership of this magazine comes from women.

2 Readers Digest

One of the most popular magazines around the world, Readers Digest is the second most popular magazine in the US. This family magazine caters to general interests of individuals and is known for its excellent content. This consumer magazine is popular with men and women belonging to various age groups.

3. Good Housekeeping

This magazine focuses on home and lifestyle, health, diet and recipes, Good housekeeping is woman's magazine that has a huge following among women in their thirties. Owned by Hearst Corporation, this is one among the many magazines that most American women read during their spare time.

4. Game informer

As the name suggests, this magazine throws detailed perspective on different aspects related to the world of gaming. Game informer is a monthly publication that shares news, articles and reviews about the latest games and gaming consoles. Hugely popular among gaming enthusiasts, this magazine has more than 3 million subscribers.

5. Ladies' Home Journal

This is another women's magazine that has a large number of subscribers in the U.S. Ladies' Health Journal focuses on women, health, diet, recipes and home. This magazine is known to sell-off stands rather quickly.

6. National Geographic

This magazine has a cult following around the world. In the U.S., the National Geographic magazine has a large number of subscribers. Articles and news on culture, photography, history, geography, science, and current events are popular with readers of this magazine.

7. Family Circle

Family Circle is another woman's magazine that scores high on the popularity charts. This magazine contains news and articles on a variety of subjects. Because of its informative and unique content, this magazine has a large number of subscribers in the U.S.

8. People magazine

Another magazine that disappears of counters quickly is People magazine. This magazine has over 4 million subscribers. Sought after for its celebrity write ups, this magazine also offers an interesting perspective on human interest stories.

9. Time Magazine

A news magazine that is published weekly, Time magazine has an audience of over 20 million in the U.S. The news coverage and articles on eminent personalities from around the world is what makes this magazine popular with readers.

10. Woman's day

This woman's magazine is popular among women of all age groups. This magazine covers subjects such as fashion, food, beauty, diet, nutrition and women.

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